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    Heated fights over intellectual property are nothing new in promising technology markets. But given that the blockchain is expected to shake up everything from the way precious diamonds are safeguarded to the way shares are traded, the legal fights could be especially fierce.
    be nothing new 意为并非新鲜事,这个句型可以用在议论文开头,引入话题
    ADJ A heated discussion or quarrel is one where the people involved are angry and excited. 激烈的
    heated argument/debate/discussion etc
    an argument etc that is full of angry and excited feelings
    N-UNCOUNT If someone or something shows promise, they seem likely to be very good or successful. (显示出) 成功的迹象
    •  The boy first showed promise as an athlete in grade school.
    Shake up : PHRASAL VERB If someone shakes up something such as an organization, an institution, or a profession, they make major changes to it. 整顿 , 重组;使感到震动;使震惊(或慌乱)
    •  The government wanted to accelerate the reform of the institutions, to find new ways of shaking up the country.
    China’s robotic technology, by most measures, lags behind America’s. But the country has abundant talent, money and determination.
    by most measures:从绝大多数指标来看
    Lag behind 落后于,滞后
    lag far behind other countries: 远远落后于其他国家
    写作有三点:一词汇、二想法、三逻辑; 而雅思主要看的是逻辑思维能力。
    慎小嶷十天突破雅思写作 如何快速挖掘写作材料
    裸奔法 TM STREEC$ 2. 分类法 3. 替代法/反证法

    Now, though, times are good again. A spurt of progress in machine learning, a sub-field of AI, has companies piling in. The technology is being used for everything from working out how best to aim advertisements at web-surfers to how to develop self-driving cars. A landmark was working out how to beat humans at Go, an East Asian strategy game that computers have historically found hard. An AI created by DeepMind, a British sub¬sidiary of Google, beat a human champion of the game in 2015.然而,眼下好时光又到了。人工智能的子领域机器学习的发展突飞猛进,各类公司纷纷涌入。从如何针对网民精准投放广告,到如何开发自动驾驶汽车,这项技术被用于各个领域。 Go(围棋)是东方讲究战略的棋类,历来计算机都很难对付。但是,2015年,由Google英国子公司DeepMind创建的Alpha Go击败了围棋的人类冠军。Alpha Go因此具有里程碑意义。
    Spurt 名词(价格等的)上升;突然兴隆;急剧上升期;突然兴隆期
       Pile in 加入(猛烈攻击);参与(…活动)
       Work out 实行;实现;产生预期的结果
    高分亮点句型The dawn of the new century/Recent decades has/have witnessed  +现象... of people’s living standards/ great revolution/ innovation in science and technology
    The recent two or three decades have witnessed the fatastic spurt of science and technology throughout the world with the result that there is a higher degree of specializaton nd a greater scale of coordination.
    还可以有Our times have witnessed a great leap forward in technology.
    再看篇托福范围用词:Recent decades have witnessed parents' ever-burgeoning attachment to their children's academic grade because it is closely related to their academic performance and the entrance of good schools. As a result, some parents, aiming to further motivate their kids to study harder, reward their kids with money if they obtain high grade. I, contrary to their behavior, strongly reckon that by no means should the money-driven approach to children's high score be considered as a wise strategy.
    经典写作例句中我们这样改: The ever-burgeoning machining learning a sub-field of AI, has companies piling in. 或者 The ever-burgeoning machining learning a sub-field of AIpromise a bright future.
    我们还可以用 mushroom, spring uproar ahead, boom, thrive, blossom, prosper 等 看例句
    All this has been a huge boon to Vietnam’s economy. Despite unflattering reports about working conditions in Samsung’s factories, Thai Nguyen and another nearby province that hosts one, Bac Ninh, have become two of the country’s richest. Restaurants, shops and hotels have mushroomed around their industrial zones. The number of local firms listed as important suppliers to Samsung has increased sevenfold in the past three years.

    As with all new technologies, pitfalls accompany the promise. Hucksters will launch apps that do not work. But with regulators demanding oversight of apps that present risks to patients, users will harm only their wallets. Not everyone will want to take active control of their own health care; plenty will want the professionals to manage everything. Fine. Data can be pored over by those who are interested, while those who are not can opt to share data automatically with trusted providers.
    pore over somethingto read or look at something very carefully for a long time,仔细阅读、凝视、注视
    pitfalls accompany the promisepitfall指(可能出现的)问题、困难、隐患、陷阱,通常和promise(保证、承诺;好征兆)是相对应使用的。识记这个词组,可指福兮祸之所倚的含义。在写作中,可用于前文写了好处、后文要写坏处的承接句。
    The internet already enables patients to seek online consultations when and where it suits them. You can take over-the-counter tests to analyse your blood, sequence your genome and check on the bacteria in your gut. Yet radical change demands a shift in emphasis, from providers to patients and from doctors to data. That shift is happening. Technologies such as the smartphone allow people to monitor their own health. 有了互联网,患者已经能在自己方便的时间和地点在线问诊。你可以通过非处方检测来分析血液、做基因组测序、检查肠道细菌。但要彻底变革,需要将重心从医疗保健机构转向病人,从医生转向数据。这种转变正在发生。人们可以利用智能手机等技术来监控自己的健康状况。
    Enable sb to do sth 雅思基本句型
    Yet radical change demands a shift in emphasis, from providers to patients and from doctors to data. That shift is happening.句子的衔接很不错,值得学习。
    OOMPH! I’ve just been shot in the back and the impact reverberates across my shoulders.Luckily for me and the rootin’-tootin’ cowboy I’ve just blasted to smithereens, everything I’m experiencing is in virtual reality. But rather than simply seeing and hearing the Wild West scene around me, the suit I’m wearing lets me feel it too.!我刚被击中背部,撞击在我的肩膀上回荡。幸运的是,对于我和那个刚刚被我炸得粉身碎骨的浪人来说,我所经历的一切都是在虚拟现实中。但是,我所穿的西装让我感觉到了,而不是简单地看到和听到周围的狂野西部场景。
    作者第一段就用了一个词 oomph.
    Reverberate  v. 有长久深刻的影响;产生广泛影响
    The region's crisis is likely to reverberate around the globe.
    影响单词有 influence (会用exert a continuous/great influence on..wield extraordinary influence)  例句:But, whereas Fox News is familiar, social media platforms are new and still poorly understood.And, because of how they work, they wield extraordinary influence.但是,福克斯新闻是人所熟悉的,而社会媒体平台却是全新的,仍然未被充分了解的。同时,由于它们的运作方式,社会媒体握有格外的影响力。
    Affect, impact,effect.
    We need to assess the impact on climate change. 我们需要评估对气候变化的影响。
    major/significant/profound etc impact
    •Higher mortgage rates have already had a major impact on spending. 提高的抵押借款利率已经对消费产生了重大影响。
    WHICH economy has been hit hardest by the global slump? In its back pages and on its... 哪个经济体在全球经济衰退中中招最深?
    Oddly enough, Mr Arpaio seems to be stepping up his efforts just as illegal immigrants seem to be leaving in droves. Arizona is one of the states worst hit by foreclosures and has been losing jobs faster than any state but Michigan this year.The job losses have been worst in sectors such as construction and retailing that employ many undocumented Mexicans.奇怪的是,正当非法入境者似乎成群结队离开时,阿尔帕约却似乎在加大打击力度。今年,除密歇根州外,亚利桑那是受丧失抵押品赎回权(即抵押贷款人无力偿还贷款——译者注)损害最严重的州之一,失业率的上升比其他任何州都快。
    take one's toll on:.造成危害;对造成损失、破坏。;
    take a hefty toll on
    造成重大负面影响Screen Addiction IS Taking a Toll on Children
    例句Nonetheless, the duties will hurt sales and disrupt supply chains for some industries and businesses. More worrisome, the latest actions and the increasingly heated rhetoric from both sides have raised alarms of a drawn-out fight that could take a toll on both economies and spill over to the rest of the world.
    Both systems( M-PESA and Alipay)have made big inroads into financial exclusion. A study in Kenya quoted in the Findex by two economists, Tavneet Suri of MIT and William Jack of Georgetown University, found that access to M-PESA increased consumption levels and lifted 194,000 Kenyan households (2% of the total) out of poverty.
    Make big inroads into 某事取得进展,产生效果 近义词表达 make heaway;make breakthroughs in; come a long way; make a great stride in ; a great leap forward;
    48.  A double-edged sword
    The advancing technology is a double-edged sword,可以造福人类也可毁灭人类Technology can bring human beings bliss(幸福) as well as calamity(灾难)
    Double-edged sword, 双刃剑,指一件事情有利有弊。比如Currently, idol worship is very popular, especially among the youth. Personally, I think it is a double-edged sword, which can deeply influence the growth of young students.
    再比如Share buybacks are a double-edged weapon, however, hey add to the buoyant mood when profits are rising but are inclined to dry up when earnings are under pressure.
    The pace of research into BCIs (brain-computer interfaces )and the scale of its ambition are increasing. Both America’s armed forces and Silicon Valley are starting to focus on the brain. Facebook dreams of thought-to-text typing. Kernel, a startup, has $100m to spend on neurotechnology.Elon Musk has formed a firm called Neuralink; he thinks that, if humanity is to survive the advent of artificial intelligence, it needs an upgrade. Entrepreneurs envisage a world in which people can communicate telepathically, with each other and with machines, or acquire superhuman abilities, such as hearing at very high frequencies.脑机接口的研究进程正在加快,并且越来越雄心勃勃。美国军方和硅谷都开始关注大脑。Facebook希望能实现思想转文字,让大脑直接输出文字。创业公司Kernel获得了一亿美元的融资,用于研发神经技术。伊隆·马斯克成立了一家名为Neuralink的公司,他认为人工智能出现后,人类如果还想生存下去,就需要升级。在企业家们设想的世界中,人们可以通过心灵感应与他人或机器交流,或是获得超人般的能力,比如能听到非常高频的声音。
    The advent of sth 某事物的流行,出现,到来。
    V-T If you envisage something, you imagine that it is true, real, or likely to happen. 设想
    •  He envisages the possibility of establishing direct diplomatic relations in the future.
    Driverless cars will not save the cities from either traffic or infrastructure expense.
    THE most distractingly unrealistic feature of most science fiction—by some margin—is how the great soaring cities of the future never seem to struggle with traffic. Whatever dystopias lie ahead, futurists seem confident we can sort out congestion. If hope that technology will fix traffic springs eternal, history suggests something different. Transport innovation, from railways to cars, reshaped cities and drove economic advance. But it also brought crowded commutes. Now, as tech firms and carmakers aim to roll out fleets of driverless cars, it is worth asking: might this time be different? Alas, artificial intelligence (AI) is unlikely to succeed where steel rails and internal-combustion engines failed.无人驾驶汽车将无法把城市从交通或基础设施费用中拯救出来。
        在大多数科幻小说中,最不切实际乃至让人出戏的一个特征,无疑就是未来那些宏伟高耸的城市似乎从来不用为堵车操心。不管人类面临着什么样的灾难,未来派似乎都对消除拥堵信心满满。如果说对技术能够解决交通问题的希望永不熄灭,历史经验却并不乐观。从铁路到汽车,交通创新重塑了城市,带动了经济发展,但也带来了拥挤的通勤。如今,既然科技公司和汽车制造商希望推出无人驾驶车队,那就值得问一问: 这次会不同吗? 唉,可惜在钢轨和内燃引擎战败之地,人工智能(AI) 也不太可能成功。
    roll out  推出 (新产品或服务)
    写作句型推荐:A could not succeed  where B failed.    B失败的话A也无法成功的。

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